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 Starting from personal messengers to written letters, emails, and now online messaging, the communication industry has definitely advanced over the years. While WhatsApp has taken a significant place in the instant and online communication industry, Telegram still maintains its customer base by overcoming one of the biggest limitations Whatsapp has, the size of a file being transferred.

Currently, Whatsapp allows users to share files up to 100 MB. Whereas on Telegram, users can share files of size up to 2GB. Although, according to recent updates, Meta owned Whatsapp has reported that it is working on an update which will allow people to share files up to 2GB size and add around 512 people to a group chat.

Even though the new Whatsapp update is on its way, Telegram will still hold a place over Whatsapp when it comes to movie-related file sharing. How? And why?

Why do users prefer Telegram to download movies?

As mentioned above, thanks to the file size transfer Telegram allowed from the start, users started using the platform for uploading and sharing movies. Moreover, around 2,00,000 people can be added to one single channel. Both these unique features make Telegram as one of the best apps to download movies.

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How to download movies from Telegram?

Let’s take a step by step look at how to download movies from Telegram.

There are 4 simple steps involved. Just follow them and in no time, you can watch your favourite movie or series.

Download the app

Now the most basic step is to download the Telegram application in your phone or laptop. It supports multiple platforms and devices like iOS, Android, Windows, web browsers, macOS and others.

You can download the app from here. The link will help you find the suitable version for your device/platform.

After downloading the app, register with your number and set up your profile.

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Find the right Telegram movie channels

You will be able to see a search icon in the app, please click on it. You can use this search bar to find the right movie channel for yourself.

Either type the genre of the movie or industry’s name etc., to find the right channel. For example: if you are looking for Bollywood movies, type Bollywood in the search bar. All the relevant channels will show up. You can explore each channel and request to join one as per your choice.

If you don’t necessarily want to join a channel, just type the name of the movie or series you are looking for. The search results will involve only those channels which actually have posted the movie in the channel.

You can click on the right channel and start downloading the movie.

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Find the Telegram movie download link

Post you have chosen the right channel with your movie posted in it; you need to identify the telegram movie download link. The telegram movie download link is represented by a blue button. It carries the download link. All you need to do is click on the download arrow on the blue button and start the download.

The download will begin. As the rotating link grows to a full circle and stops, the movie is downloaded.

If you are unable to find your movie in a channel, just head over to the 3-dot menu at topmost right of the screen and click on search. This will allow you to search for a movie in the channel

Stream or download your favourite movie on Telegram

Once your movie is downloaded, it will be saved in your device. You can find the same in a folder named telegram or telegram desktop.

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Therefore, Telegram allows you to watch your favourite TV and movie shows easily. In addition, it doesn’t have any language barrier. Therefore, you can download movies from foreign industries too. A lot of movies are also present on the platform with English or other language subtitles. If you are looking for a film with subtitles, just add ‘movie’s name’ with subtitles. You will get the movie with its correct subtitles.

However, you will also need an apt Wi-Fi connection to download heavy movies from Telegram. And there’s nothing better to that other than Airtel. With Airtel Xstream fiber, you get round the clock high speed connectivity, unlimited internet, free OTT and many other benefits.

Thus, for all your new broadband connection needs, choose Airtel.

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